Rejuvenation, Collagen formation and Skin Nutrients delivery.


Fractional Bi-polar Radio Frequency with Electrophoresis.

The future of skin resurfacing now.

An incredible amount of innovation went into designing a head that stamps near perfect energy dots equally distributed in all the treated area. Instead of using one bi-polar head with several electrodes we engineered a head that contains 48 independent bi-polar electrodes! With such precise resolution we went further and programed the difference of potential among electrodes effectively creating the only electroporosis skin resurfacing treatment. So you can apply fractional skin resurfacing and push nutrients during skin treatments.


Versatile, light and portable. No desktop required.

Do multiple treatments in multiple locations.

A ton of advanced technology in an incredible compact and light equipment. A fan system capable of cooling such a high-performance device and an integrated display with finger sensor selectors, means you can take Finewave 2 with you wherever you go.


Selectable Energy and Speeds. Gold made Electrodes.

Safe and effective for all skin types. No consumables.

The shape of the energy dots are programed for minimal discomfort and downtime and yet produce skin resurfacing effects for soft wrinkle reduction and deep collagen response. Finewave gentle and yet efective energy dots works for all skin color types ? white, tan, dark and black ? this means you don?t need to worry about hyperpigmentation. The gold made electrodes are wear-free so you no need to use consumables or exchange heads again!


Push Nutrients with Electrophoresis

The next generation of skin nutrients delivery

A high electric field of 300Volts per centimeter for x milliseconds disperse particles in a fluid through the skin without pain. Electrophoresis technology originally designed for DNA separation can now be used to dramatically increase the skin absorbtion of essential nutrients for skin regeneration and the formation of collagen. So you can push Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid Acid and Vitamin A in the deeper layers of the skin where it is really needed. And simultaneously apply the skin resurfacing treatment. The combination of skin resurfacing and skin delivery nutrients is the future available now!