Treatment of Deep Wrinkles, Acne scars, Body tightening and Eyelids.


Auto collimate dual axis 1550nm fractional laser

The next generation of laser delivery for skin resurfacing

With the latest dual axis technology, Finescan 6 takes?treatment accuracy over the top. Treat eyelids directly and safely, treat large scan areas ? including face, neck and body ? and experience scars disappear up to 3x faster than lasers of previous generation. Finescan selectable areas from 1 to 7 cm2 without changing the head tip allows operator to work more freely than ever.


Portable and light. Yet powerful

Do treatments in multiple clinic locations.

It may be incredibly compact and light, but Finescan 6 Ytterbium/Erbium fiber and air cooling is also incredibly powerful. Every millimeter was designed, engineered, built, and assembled to the most exacting performance standards. Bulky legacy technologies like water cooling and rigid tubular arms were left behind in favor of a portable and more powerful laser with Energy up to 80mj. It takes up to 90 percent less space (38 cm x 15 cm x 26 cm). Which is one of many reasons Finescan 6 isn?t just extremely capable, it?s extremely portable, too.


Faster pulse rate. Near exact optical beam.

Ready. Set. Done; perfect skin treatment.No consumables.

Perform face rejuvenation treatments in only few minutes. Treat hypertrophic scars in just seconds. The newest dual scanner system reaches speeds of up to 2500 dots per second. Thanks to Finescan variable collimate beam you can deliver a near perfect size, shape and depth spot with homogenous heat distribution so you can optimize the treatment for each area without concern for inflammation or hyperpigmentation after treatment. Finescan Auto collimate dual axis allows full control of the beam energy which means the lens does not need to touch the skin so you don’t have to replace the tips. Thanks to this clever design you won’t need consumables or replaceable tips ever again!


Every datail detailed. Ahead of its time.

Indispensable for dermatology and rejuvenation clinics from now on.

Every component of Finescan 6 is optimized for performance. That included the wireless communication with Mac laptop interface and a single navigation screen. Which means you can fly through even the most diverse treatment ? face with acne scars, deep wrinkles, eyelids ? in no time. Finescan 6 handheld peace has an ergonomic ultra light design with finger sensor and red laser sights that tells you the actual selected area as well as the energy number before each delivery! So you can be assure of your selection in every step of the treatment.

1550nm wavelength effect on the skin

1550nm wavelength effect on the skin

Noninvasive. Safe for all Skin types.

1550nm wavelength treats only the Dermis, leaving the Epidermis intact.?

Finescan 6 laser delivery method treats the dermis without incisions, needles?or breaking the epidermis. This means there is no bleeding and there is no need to use antibiotic creams after the treatment. Thus, operators with or without medical background that have completed Finescan training course can perform standard treatments safely and consistently.